Paul Ashby

Paul Ashby is a coffee lover, ardent traveller and entrepreneur who started the Bogota Coffee Company so that he could share his passion for high quality Colombian coffee, and Colombian culture, with the rest of the world.

Carl Meek

Carl Meek has spent several years living in Bogota. He re-located to the UK in 2013 with his Colombian wife and two children to focus on his consultancy business. Carl handles the company's sales and imports.

The two became friends at college nearly two decades ago and went their separate ways. They reunited in 2012 and over a cup of the good stuff realized that they shared a mutual love of 'Colombia's finest export'.

The pair decided to work together and create a business offering high quality Colombian coffee at affordable prices.

"Our aim is to acquaint people with great Colombian coffee and bring a piece of Latin American distinction to the familiar setting of home".

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Want to know more?

Read our guide 'To bean or not to bean' about quality Colombian coffee and why it is so good.

Giving back

We support the work of more than 500,000 Colombian coffee-growing families who are dedicated to working the land and helping to produce the best coffee in the world! Every time you buy one of our products, you are helping to support small Colombian farmers.

The coffee growers association and coffee fund ensures that they get a fair price for their produce, as well as access to education and healthcare.